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Intern / Current Work / URBAN SPHINX 2005/ Duo /   Performance

Urban sphinx
large view

Choreographie and dance:
Bettina Mainz
Sigrid Westenfelder

Martina Fuchs

23.Sept. 04, Schillerpalais Berlin

actual :dates:

48 Stunden Neukölln, über den Dächern

23. June 20.00 h

24.June 18.00 h

on the top roof from Carl-Legien school
Leinestrasse 37-45
12049 Berlin

In the middle of the daily whirl of the city the two mysterious woolcovered figures initialy fascinate us with their expressive silence. The dancers as if hewn from stone are surrounded by a huge sensual aura – they suggest an other perception of time and space. Out of the quiet unfoldes a series of movements like a slow awakening. The dance of many possibilities expands together and against the surrounding city architecture. An invitation into perception and imagination.

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