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Sigrid Westenfelder did her dance education at the school voor nieuwe dans ontwickeling in Amsterdam and graduated at the European Dance Developement Center at Arnheim. She was a dance and movement teacher in Cologne and an assistant director at the Theatre Demodesastre in Paris and at the Neuk├Âllner Oper in Berlin. As as performer she was engaged in numerous dance and theatre projects. For her research into the connection between language and movement she was nominated for the theatre prize in Cologne 1996. Among other things she has toured with her work to Holland, England, France and Indonesia.
She seeks in her work again and again the connection between different art forms and is known for her performances in unusual locations.
Situated in Berlin since 1998, the piece living doll was shown at the mille plateau festival at the Volksb├╝hne. She initiated and performed in the series seasondances at ballhaus naunynstrasse, Berlin and showed her solo lunatic-x- dream at the airport Temelhof, Berlin. She realised with punapau studios Hamburg the internetproject www.kuenstlernetz-neukoelln.de to connect more then 90 artists from different disciplines.

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